"Zombie Lord" Title removed and Archived Data fixes


The time has come for the Title of “Zombie Lord” to retire :zombie::wave:.

It’s had a long and successful time here at Cliniko but now it wants to accomplish its dream of raising bunnies in the countryside and making origami versions of airplanes. Due to this lifelong dream, Zombie Lord has left the list of Titles.

We wish you the best, “Zombie Lord” :sob:!!!

Changing the subject (so I can distract myself from crying)… we’ve also released a bug fix for deleted patients’ payments. If you tried to archive a payment for a patient that was deleted and ran into a “payment could not be archived” error, that should happen no longer.

Finally, if you generate an export that “includes archived records”, we displayed the “archived” column as “deleted”. This has been changed so that the column and any references to “deleted” are now displaying “archived” instead.