Zapier integration?


Would it be possible for Cliniko to set up Zapier integration?
There are so many other web apps that have it, some of them are HIPAA compliant, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
I can think of 4 or 5 apps I’d like to link with Cliniko data:

Gmail - communicating with clients and referrers
Mailchimp - marketing to either or both of the above
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - “” “” “” “”
Saasu or other accounting products - synchronizing invoices and payments, more finegrained financial reporting
Google Sheets - segmented analysis of data beyond what Cliniko can provide

You can probably think of other use cases quite easily. I’m surprised this has never been asked before!



I second this. Right now I’m having to hack through the cliniko - mail chimp integration to ‘drip’ which is my preferred email management software…

And now I’m looking at hacking clinko to xero to zapier to quickbooks for my accounting software. That specific workaround cost includes setting up a dummy xero account just so I can send invoices to it ($30) to plus premium Zapier (which is $20 per month) over to my quickbooks. The workaround is $50 same cost as my monthly clinko plan. Seems more simple to some just to activate Clinko on zapier.



Second this. Zapier would be the primary integration request as this one integration will allow integration for hundreds more apps.

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I also would like to see this! It would be great to link it with TYPEFORM and SHEETS.



I really want to see this!!! Posting once more!
I want to connect Cliniko with Convertkit and many other interfaces. Without Zapier I am feeling that cliniko is a huge stumbling block to my effective automations, it’s becoming archaic without this.