You can now skip up to 9 weeks ahead using calendar keyboard shortcuts

In a recent episode of Cliniko & Coffee, keyboard shortcuts were mentioned. For those that don’t know, keyboard shortcuts are a handy way to do things faster on certain pages in Cliniko, and you can learn more about them here!

On the appointments page, certain numbers will let you skip ahead by X number of weeks. For example, pressing 3 would mean your calendar jumps ahead by three weeks. The maximum you could skip ahead was six weeks, but we bumped this up to nine, so you can now easily skip ahead up to nine weeks just by pressing numbers 1 through 9!

It’s kind of hard to tell in the short video below, but the calendar skips ahead nine weeks when 9 is pressed. And you can also open up a new appointment by pressing N or n!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!


Also discovered that that you can skip forward multiple weeks with multiple key presses. Say you’re looking to schedule an appointment in 4 weeks so you press 4 to go ahead four weeks. But your client says better make it six weeks. Pressing 2 now will move ahead another 2 weeks.

So if you want to go ahead 12 weeks 8+4 will do it!

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This is a handy tool!