You can now report on practice revenue by payments received (cash basis)


The Practice revenue report can now be based on payments received (cash basis); previously the only option was invoiced amount (accrual). You can easily select your preference when generating your report!

You’ll notice a new field called Revenue based on:

Within that field, you can select either “Invoiced amount (accrual)” or “Payments received (cash-basis)”:

“Payments received (cash-basis)” will show revenue based on the sum of all payments that were allocated to invoices during this period.

If you select that filter, you’ll also see a list of all practitioners as well as the payments received for their invoices over the dates you’re running the report for:

If you select “Invoiced amount (accrual)”, your Practice revenue report will look the same as it always has!

This should be handy if your business runs on cash-basis accounting! :tada:


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It’s great to see reports emerging on payment date (cash basis). Thank you. If this revenue report could also filter by practitioner (see below link), we’d finally be able to reconcile how much a practitioner earned in a time period, with the accompanying individual transactions listed. I sincerely hope this is possible, as we are still guessing as to the actual revenue a practitioner brings in for services (not services as products combined). Thanks as always Cliniko team for listening to feedback.