You can now record all your communications!


Have you ever chatted with a patient — over the phone, perhaps — and wished that you could record some notes about that conversation in Cliniko? :memo:

Well, the wait is over—you can now record all of your communications! :man_dancing:

If you need to document any notes about a specific conversation you’ve had with someone, you can mark this down right in the patient’s profile. It will live with all other communications listed for this patient (such as confirmation emails, letters, and invoices), but won’t be something that’s actually sent to the patient. It’s simply a record of a conversation, so that you can reference it if need be!

Here’s an example of what a this would look like:

These records can even be set to confidential—meaning that only practitioners and administrators can see what’s inside.

:point_up: Note: This will not send anything out to your patients. It’s purely for record-keeping purposes.

We think this will be handy, especially if you need to keep detailed records of conversations or other types of communications with your patients! :telephone_receiver::memo:These communications can be recorded from right within the patient’s Communication page!

As always, let us know if you have any questions on this new feature!

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