You can now hide your business address from online bookings

Previously, any business that offered appointments online always had to have the address displayed. This posed problems for those of you who offered virtual services from your home, but didn’t want your home address displayed to patients.

We’ve changed this now, though, to make things easier for you, especially if you’re offering telehealth appointments from your home.

You can turn off the address within your business settings, so it won’t be visible on your online bookings page. Everything else will work exactly the same—patients just won’t be able to see your address.

To enable this, head to Settings and then Business information. Select the business you want to hide the address for, and make sure the toggle is turned off under Display this business’s address in online bookings:

Save the settings by pressing the Update business button, and you’re all set! Now, patients booking at this location will simply see no address under the booking summary:

:point_up: Note: If you’re using address placeholders in your reminder and/or confirmation templates, you’ll also need to remove these to ensure that the address isn’t included in any outgoing communications prior to the appointment. Head over here to learn how to modify your templates to remove any mention of your address.