You can now export appointment types

There’s a new data export in town! :raised_hands: If you want to grab a list of all your appointment types, you’ll be able to select—you guessed it—“appointment types” from your data exports settings:

:point_up:Note: the appointment types that are included in the export will be based on the date they were added to your account, so if you want a list of all appointment types, be sure to select “Any time” to “Any time” in the date range.

After the export is complete, it will show up in your main list of all exports:

Once downloaded and opened, the export will include the appointment types and everything about them (including which practitioners offer them, which billable items are related, which businesses they’re available at, and even the 6-figure “hex” colour code that’s assigned to them!):

This should be a helpful resource if you need to grab a view of everything appointment type-related at once!

Happy exporting!