You can now email and print invoices from the "Outstanding invoices" report

Outstanding invoices can now be emailed and printed directly from the Outstanding invoices report! :printer: :inbox_tray: When viewing the list of invoices, under the “Actions” heading, you will see the option for either printing or emailing.

Pressing “Print” will either open the invoice in a new tab (so you can print it from your browser), or download it directly to your computer. Pressing “Email” will give you the option to send the invoice directly to the patient or a third party. (If you don’t see the option to email from this report, it would mean that the patient has no email address on file.)

This should be handy if you need to print or send off several open invoices in quick succession. As always, if you have any questions, our support team is here to help!


It would be good to be able to have the delete option as well.