You can now cancel a patient from a group appointment


Hey folks! This is a long overdue addition to group appointments. You can now cancel instead of just deleting a patient from a group appointment. That cancellation will be treated just like a cancellation of a one on one appointment.

One of the reasons it took us a while to add this, is that it was a challenge to find a spot to put this in the list of patients on a group appointment. To address that, we’ve made some changes to how the list works.

The list has been simplified and selecting a patient takes you to their details for this appointment.

In this new details view, the actions in the black footer correspond to the patient. This makes deleting or cancelling them from the group similar to how you would for a one on one appointment.

As always, let us know if you have any questions!


Woohoo - awesome we can finally track all those group cancellations - thanks for the update :grinning:


Thank you! This is great