Xero with Cliniko integration

Wondering how people use Xero with integrations. I have resided Xero for a while as I find the integrations too much. We have around 30 clients per day so with Hicaps that can be 60 transactions feeding into cliniko that then need reconciling. Is this how most do it?

With the single touch Payroll the government is bringing in on July 1 we are being forced to use a software so I’m thinking this is the time to make friends with XERO.

I am thinking of just adding the total revenue from each day manually into Xero and then reconciling this against bank account. This is slightly clunky but should be faster than reconciling 60 payments a day.

Another issue is that if payment method is entered incorrectly then it still feeds into Xero and then I have to manually edit this. The classic one is Amex vs Credit.

I would love to hear how people are dealing with this. My accountant hasn’t been much help on this unfortunately.

Thanks in advance.


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Xero/Cliniko integrations great my only problem is I find if reception staff do not put the correct figures in the first transaction then your figures are out as they only integrate once. ie reception staff process initial invoice $20 hicaps & $30 eftpos sales around the wrong way on first transaction then this is what will integrate to Xero. If they amend the invoice in Cliniko it will not flow through to Xero. The software only goes one way so a manual adjustment will have to be made in Xero to correct the transaction to $30 hicaps & $20 eftpos. Print daily report and reconcile from it. Otherwise simple to use.

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you shouldn’t need to input these details at the EOD.
im sure there are instructions somewhere but basically you need to create clearing accounts for each payment type (I dont use these for cash, just link it directly to my Cash accounts in Xero) as it then sends all these payments to that account, then the reconciliation for that days payment just needs to match up to that day.

eg Monday you have $500 EFPTOS payments, the clearing account - EFTPOS will show 500 for that day.

When the settlement is received into your bank account for that day (so probably on the tuesday) you match that amount to mondays amount and send the payment to the clearing account to offset that amount.

If it doesn’t match then work out the error and fix it before reconciling