Who is using Cliniko for online appointments?

I run a boutique digital marketing business in Canada. A couple of practitioners have requested an online booking feature and I was wondering if any Cliniko users could share their websites with me, so I can take a look at it live!

Hi @Darrenglow!

We have an example of the online booking page itself here:

This isn’t an embedded version, but is the online booking page that your clients would arrive at if they clicked a simple link on your website. There may be other Cliniko users here with the online bookings embedded into their website, that they could share?


Hey @Darrenglow - here’s our site - the booking options are embedded in a lot of the pages in different ways - clinician specific, service specific as well as full access to all (bookable) services - www.physioeffect.co.uk

hope that helps!

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