"Which week am I in? Week 1 or Week 2?"

We want clinicians to be able to see which week of the fortnight they are in (Week 1 or Week 2). Is there something we can easily do to the Cliniko calendar so everyone can see which week we are in? Like a dummy entry in everyone’s calendar at 7am?



You could create a repeating ‘unavailable block’ at 7am every 2 weeks with ‘Week 1/2’ in the note section?

Hi charliemec, thanks for the suggestion - after your suggestion, I tried it out. Would there be a way that we didn’t have to do this separately for every clinician, for every day?

I think you would have to do it for each clinician. If you add one, for example on a Monday, select to repeat fortnightly you can have up to 50 occurrences so that would cover you for 2 years. It would take a little bit of time depending on how many clinicians you have but probably the best solution.