Where can I get a Foot Diagram from


Where can I get the Foot Diagrams from to upload


Not just the foot diagrams, the HAND diagram also very important. Can’t wait.


Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that you can upload your own Chart Templates! While we may work on more specific defaults to upload into Cliniko, the fastest way to get using the Chart system now is to upload your own hands and feet! Here’s the details on how: https://help.cliniko.com/writing-patient-notes/body-charts/upload-your-own-body-chart-templates

But don’t stop providing us feedback on any default you need! If you could provide more info on what views and details you’d need in diagrams that you’d like us to draw, then that would be awesome!



https://jfootankleres.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1757-1146-6-44 I have used a template from here