WHen will Cliniko talk to medicare and DVA in australia


Hi GUys
since changing to cliniko one of the glaring differences that is costing us a lot of time is that it doesnt reconcile transactions with Medicare payments/DVA automatically. Means it needs to be done manually by admin staff and this is getting very expensive.
Please let us know when this will be sorted?

Otherwise been happy with cliniko so far… Cheers



Hey Josh

Just a heads up - I’ve shifted this to Feature requests instead.

We’ll definitely let people know when we look to do something to help with medicare and DVA. I know that’s high on the wish list for lots of clinics!



Hi Josh, I was under the opinion that was in the process now and should only be a couple of months as it is being set up with the new NAB payment system that allows people to pay with their phones when they don’t have their phi card?



I was informed early last year 2017 that the HICAPS integration was well underway, can you advise what is current the status ?



Hi Mike!

It’s an integration with the mobile version of HICAPS—an app called HICAPS Go. It’s all done through a parent organisation called Medipass: https://medipass.com.au/

We’re in the final stages of ensuring that our integration with Medipass is a-okay before releasing it into the wild, but you can start using it now, if you’d like (just keeping mind that it’s still in beta so there are still some things we’re ironing out). You would need to have an account with Medipass/HICAPS Go first, but we have some instructions here on how you can link it up with Cliniko while it’s still in beta: https://help.cliniko.com/accounting/using-the-medipass-integration/integrating-cliniko-with-medipass-beta

I’m not certain on when this will be officially “done”, but with the beta mode, you can use it with HICAPS Go. We’ll make an announcement once it’s completely ready!


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+1, Yeah it’s the only thing holding me back from migrating 4 practitioners from HealthKit to Cliniko



+1 from me as well. We DEFINITELY need to have this feature of being able to bill medicare and DVA directly. We use ACSS eclaims which is very clunky and time consuming to enter all the info again from cliniko into here. I called up HICAPS and medipass and was told that it would only work for EPC though not DVA. LOVE cliniko other than this - I would sing its praises from the rooftops if we can get DVA and EPC billing included.



I agree this is a vital feature missing that is leading me to considering jumping software.

Healthkit offers Medicare/DVA, private health, and online card billing (so no Eftpos/Hicaps machine is needed either !). And healthkit is free !

BUT i much prefer the interface etc.

Our business requires online billing integration with Medicare/DVA with increasing priority and we currently need to use Healhkit as a secondary backup to process clients billing that needs to be done online.



Great idea. Very practical



Really strongly agree that this is the number one priority for us.We find our HICAPS machines very unreliable. With more than 24 practitioners: 13 practitioners individually subscribed to Cliniko and 2 on Healthkit. We find that processing payments for Healthkit is simpler with Medicare and DVA. Like physio123 we absolutely love Cliniko!

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Yes, same for us, it’s a feature we really miss from FrontDesk…



yes, it’s a big feature we miss from Frontdesk also. Online claiming of DVA & Medicare is very tedious



Medipass and hicaps go looks messy and unproductive. Please try to follow how Healthkit integrates.



+1000 to Medicare/DVA/Hicaps Claiming

I’m reluctant to sign up my 2 other clinics to Cliniko as a consequence (currently use Genie) and I’m needing to switch to a cloud platform - New Years Resolution!

Hicaps go is average - less health funds supported.



i have been using cliniko for 3.5 years now, great system, but i am looking at switching to another system purely due to EPC claiming abilities. I spoke with Cliniko about 3 years ago about this and was advised that it is not a function as they were cloud based, but nookal, coreplus, PPMP have no issues with this.



This request is a must. I am shocked at how behind cliniko is compared to other cloud-based programs. This would save so much time!!



It’s now a year since Emily posted that this was in the “final stages.” I can’t overstate how important this feature is to the management of my practice, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify staying with Cliniko when so many competitors offer this. Having to use separate processes has a large impact on us.

Can you please give us an update about when this is being implemented, or whether it’s not going ahead.



With a new year, I’m going to add to this thread about how vital this missing feature is. We have more than 12 self employed practitioners each paying a subscription to Cliniko and the temptation to switch to HealthKit is every increasing. The other competitive feature offered by HealthKIt and other cloud based clinical software that we are desperately needing is a way of counting off EPC’s, CDMP’s and Mental Health Care Plans. The HICAPS machines are not accurate and cause errors when processing claims that shouldn’t go through.We would greatly appreciate a way of counting the number of appointments in a given plan (eg. Appointment 1 of 6).

Healthkit offers Medicare/DVA, private health, and online card billing (so no Eftpos/Hicaps machine is needed either !). And healthkit is free !

Cliniko please update on the status of this request asap.



Hi all, my apologies if my comment last year about the Medipass integration being in final stages was misleading! When I wrote that, we were in the final stages of ensuring that everything was good to go between Cliniko and Medipass itself—not directly with Medicare or DVA, however.

According to the Medipass website (https://medipass.com.au), Medicare is “coming soon”, and while I don’t know exactly when that is, I do know their team is actively working on it. When it does get released, anyone using Medipass in conjunction with Cliniko will also be able to process Medicare claims through Cliniko, via Medipass. When that’s available, we’ll certainly let everyone know!



Thank you Emily <-with a bigger case