When sending a patient form via SMS, the text is now shortened to help save SMS credits

With the recent changes to sending patient forms out, it was brought to our attention that the SMS option was generally too long, which was causing at least 2 credits to be used.

While we can’t currently shorten the URL itself, we were able to shorten the message, which eliminated some characters and therefore reduces the chance of 2 SMS credits being used. It’s still possible that 2 credits will be used, but more likely that you will only use 1 credit, especially if your business name is short.

For context, the old text for the form looked like this:

{{Business.Name}}: Please complete the "{{PatientForm.Name}}" form using the following link. {{PatientForm.Url}}

And now it looks like this:

{{Business.Name}}: Please complete the following form. {{PatientForm.Url}}

So, it’s considerably shorter, and hopefully will help to keep your SMS credit usage down when texting forms to patients!