When creating a new patient if there is a similar patient in the system cliniko notifies you


We get referrals sent to us before the patient attends the clinic and therefore make files for them. It would be great then when creating a new patient appointment, once entering the name and dob Cliniko would notify you that you could be making a second file for an existing patient .

It would also be great that on the appointment booking screen when creating a new patient you could enter their DOB



great idea! I think this could be VERY useful

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Totally agree with this :+1:

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That would be very helpful to have a prompt.

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Yes! And also to do the same thing with HealthEngine integrated bookings. Sometimes a patient will put their nickname e.g. Mel instead of Melanie with the same DOB and contact details when booking online, but Cliniko doesn’t pick this up and instead creates a new patient file. So every time someone makes an online booking, we have to check to make sure it hasn’t created a duplicate file.

Just to clarify @Melanie13, Cliniko WILL catch the example you’ve given. Cliniko is going to try to find a match, which has a bit of leeway for things like first name. If everything else matches, last name, DOB, and a mobile or email address, Cliniko is going to match up that booking to the existing record. It doesn’t if there isn’t enough information matching to be confident of a match.

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Hi Jim, well unfortunately we continually have cases in which this just does not occur. We check every booking confirmation email that comes in from HealthEngine and the receptionists are still picking up duplicate files even when the surname, DOB and mobile number are exactly the same.

Also, if the patient for example just has the same surname and DOB that match with someone already on file, should it not pop up with an alert saying to check that it is not a duplicate patient? It’s just creating a whole heap of duplicate files and it making a lot of extra work for our receptionists.


I definitely agree with this feature request! It would be a headache to not know if the patient you’re creating could be a duplicate ahead of time.

If you’re finding online bookings is mistakenly creating new patients, I strongly suggest getting in touch with us on support - that shouldn’t happen. We can help investigate!

Oh sorry, I missed that you mentioned Health Engine! They’re going to be using their own algorithms to find/use an existing patient, we can’t control that. So if they are creating new patients in your database, you’ll need to talk to them about it!

our receptionist has requested I +1 this for her. She has very strong feelings about the topic.

We frequently have double clients created and this would reduce her frustration.