'What's your problem?!' an additional box for online bookings

Why are you booking in for a session?
What problems are you experiencing?
What’s your problem?! :wink:

A box such as this would encourage Patients to describe the reason for their session, instead of or in addition to the “Comments” box. It would help us understand in advance that people may have booked the wrong type of session, or booked to see the wrong person.

Would this benefit others?

Hi @georgiemai! Thanks for the suggestion!

I agree this could be useful to some clinics. We already have the Note box for your online patient to place a comment in, but it isn’t really clear what it might be for, and there isn’t a way to add a label or an instruction for that field. In my experience the vast majority of clients do not use this field at all.

Would the ability to customise a label for this Note field be useful do you think (ie Please let us know what you need from this session:)? We may be able to make better use of what is there already. This is something I can put to the team.