We've added support for typing in right-to-left languages

If you or your patients type in a language that is right-to-left, Cliniko will now better support this functionality! :keyboard:

When you’re creating patient form templates, as well as confirmation/reminder templates, Cliniko will automatically detect your language from your browser, and the text will switch direction.

When a patient is filling out a form, their browser and language will also be detected, and if it’s a right-to-left language, they will automatically be able to type their responses to the form questions in the correct direction.

Below are some examples. First, here’s how you would see an email reminder template while creating it:

And your patient would see something like this:

When creating a patient form template, you would see this:

And when filling it out, this is what it would look like for your patients:

This should make things easier if you live and work in a region where right-to-left typing is the norm. As always, let us know if you have any questions!