Watch a preview of telehealth

We’re super close to officially releasing the new telehealth feature—but if you’d like a little preview to tide you over until launch, check out this video where Cliniko founder Joel gives you a demo of how it works! You’ll also get to hear about some exciting new features that we’ll release soon (including patient intake forms)! :smile:

Stay tuned for a proper announcement soon—telehealth is on its way!


@joel I have a couple of requests and an observation.

Firstly the observation, the ball park cost of $1/hr for a single invitee and more expensive for additional invitees doesn’t seem much till you do the maths. I can get a Zoom Pro subscription for $21/mth, hence equivalent to 21 hours of call time in the Cliniko system. That’s only 5 appointments a week in my world. I expect up to 30+ appointments per week, so I am looking at a cost of $120 i.e. 6 times more expensive than Zoom Pro. Or an additional $1200 per year. This is exceptionally poor value.

The requests I have are:

  1. I really do not want to make F2F appointments to be payment in advance. I feel that looks greedy, perhaps it’s just be me. Whereas it is perfectly justifiable in telehealth scenario. Given the appointment type is flagged as telehealth then you could easily differentiate when to collect a prepayment. Or have an additional setting on each appointment type for payment in advance - that makes sense to me.

  2. Can you parameterise the label “Telehealth enabled”? I would much rather my clients see “Video Consultation enabled”. In a counselling setting, my clients would not necessarily see their appointment classified as a health issue.


Hi @PetaB,

I overstated the price because I don’t want to give out a number and then come out more expensive. Please don’t put much weight into it. We have a very good cost price, and we’re not doing this as a money maker. I’m confident we’ll get a price people are happy with. The reason I can’t be more specific yet, as there are a few variables to our pricing (how many participants, but also the features we offer will affect our cost price). I expect we’ll be inexpensive.

With prepayment, I’m not sure which bit you’re referring to, but the payments we’re setting up for online bookings is per appointment type. You can control which have it, and which don’t.

And the Telehealth enabled label is only viewed by you, not your clients. We won’t have anything saying “Telehealth” that they see.


All good news @joel

I misunderstood, thought you said the prepayment was a site-wide setting for all appointment types.

Thankyou for this video, Joel you give me confidence in why I chose this software 6 years ago and have continued. Great explanations and being transparent too about the progress