Waitlist Triage

Good afternoon, we are a clinic that has a growing waitlist and we would like to establish a triage system for the patients on our waitlist so those requiring more urgent appointments are easily identified. I know that we can put notes in the extra info box. But I wonder if Cliniko would consider adding further boxes in the options section of Add to Waitlist so this would include other options beside the two already available. Consideration could be given to the nationally recognised hospital triage system called ATS (Australian Triage colour code - Red for Emergency down to White for Non-Urgent. At our clinic we would not really use Red (life threatening or potentially life threatening) but some clinics might. We would certainly use Urgent (ATS colour green whereas Cliniko have it as yellow), Urgent conditions are serious conditions that require treatment as soon as possible/practicable. Less Urgent (ATS colour blue relating to conditions that have potential for complications and causing patient distress). And finally, Non-Urgent (ATS colour white relating to conditions that are chronic in nature where the patient/practitioner would prefer they be seen earlier than schedule allows if possible. Practitioners would be able to quickly communicate their preference and admin would be able to quickly see this on the list, as is currently available with urgent/out of hours options. Then, when filling appointments that become available, admin would quickly see what the practitioner would consider to be their most urgent patient to contact to fill the appointment. This is a long winded request/query but done with the best of intentions - to provide information to reach the desired outcome for our practice, and many others that use Cliniko. It would, I believe, enhance the waitlist process. I look forward to hearing your response. Thank you.

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