Waitlist reordering AND caseload lists

Hi folks!

We are feeling the need for two features I haven’t seen discussed here much.

  1. The capacity to reorder the waitlist–for example our front desk has missed putting some referrals on the waitlist when they came in and now the only option is to put the clients at the bottom, and keep a separate list by referral date. We’ve also had some clients go back on the waiting list after a therapist departed, but we don’t want them at the bottom or the top–we want them in the same position on the list as they were before they were picked up (ie by referral date.) Very frustrating not being able to do this!

  2. Caseload lists. Would be great to be able to assign clients to a primary therapist, and easily view a caseload list per therapist, as well as seeing which clients are unassigned. This would allow us to manage our individual caseloads better, as well as tracking clients who are awaiting assignment.


I’d also like an indicator on the main waitlist screen to show whether the patient is waiting for an appointment or waiting for an EARLIER appointment (i.e. they have booked the next available appt but if something comes up sooner (due to a cancellation or a change in staff availability) they want to come in earlier).


Absolutely agree with this request.
Overall, the wait list function feels really chaotic for us…. It’s hard to see at a glance who is a priority (urgent), who is waiting for an appointment, who wants an earlier appointment, how long the appointment they need would be etc.
We often have a waitlist of 70-80 people and we just can’t see the forest for the trees! Often patients who are more urgent or who have been waiting for longer get missed while someone on the top of the list gets in ahead….


Being so busy at the moment has really highlighted the flaws in the wait list.

Does anyone actually search for a name on the wait list? This is given a prominent box at the top, yet the add a client is via a box…. The add a name should be immediately accessible.

There needs to be more information shown in the list view, instead of having to click on each name to see more. An easier - at a glance way of seeing what the patients want

And communication would be great if it could be integrated. The ability to send a global message to waitlist patients with a booking link when appropriate appointments become available. We’ve taken to exporting a list- but you have to wait for the export, sort into active, order by appt type and then select the email addresses (which we put into a peptalkr/mailchimp email) This takes time…… and by the time that’s done someone else has taken the gap!!


It would be very helpful for us if the daily appointment schedule report had their case noted beside it (ie 10 of 13 visits etc)