Waitlist Management

It would be fantastic if the practitioners name in the waitlist could come through on the summary list. Being able to quickly identify the clients to contact for a particular practitioner’s avails would save time.



I would love this, plus the ability to see what type of appointment it is without having to expand each item manually AND allow a patient to have two appointment types logged (we offer chiro and massage)


Yes. It would be helpful for the Wait List to preview the relevant practitioner.
It would also save us a lot of time if the actual listing showed the client’s next booked appt (to save us manually finding and noting it).
Another thing I have previously requested (which would help here) is for a quick link to the practitioners next available appt. Clicking on each week to find his/her next free spot is time consuming.
Would be great to have the WL features upgraded.
Even printing it as a Report rather than needing access to export it via Settings>Data export would be helpful.

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