Waitlist alert when appt becomes available

Could you add an alert when an appt becomes available that someone on the waitlist wants? We don’t use the waitlist function because you have to go in and check it all the time. Instead we put someone in as a practitioner, then take off online appts and put in a blocked time at the time the person wants so we have a visual representation of the desired appt in the screen we are in all the time.

It would be great when someone cancels an appt and that time is waitlisted by someone else that something happens to flag it for you.

It could be a notification that comes up at the top of the screen, or a colour that appears in the appt area, or it generates an email to say that appt is now free and someone wants it, or a text. As I type this I see that this has been requested in various ways twice before, in Jun 19 and Mar 20. under the topic alert /notified and Automated waitlist. It seems like a waste that you have developed something that would be useful but isn’t because it lacks the last 5% of functionality that would really make it work. What is the point of a function that does not tell you when something is available?


I agree, I don’t use the waitlist function and use the same system you use - I have created an appointment type called waitlist and book the client in at their desired time, so I see it as soon as the slot becomes available, but that becomes a bit messy if a client has availability over several hours. I would love some sort of flagging system for when someone is on the waitlist, so I can actually use this feature!

Would be good if clients could book themselves onto the waitlist online… at the moment I have a feeling people are just not booking in when they can’t find their desired time, and then I have no idea they want that slot when it does become available!

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