Waiting list 'Extra Info' saved

Hi there. We would love the information that is typed into the ‘Extra Info’ on the waiting list to be saved somewhere once the person is removed from the waiting list. We put any contact we have with the families we work with in here (ie- called to offer appointment but can’t come on Fridays now) so that it can be easily seen when trying to offer spots. We then have to copy this into their notes so that this isn’t lost when we take them off the waiting list. Thanks


This might be something you need to type directly to the help chats, so that the Cliniko tech team can get in on this? Regards, Michelle

Thanks Michelle, that’s where I started and they directed me here. Hopefully they can fix it so that client data isn’t lost! H :slight_smile:

Ah my apologies… :see_no_evil: :blush: well I hope you get sorted.