Waiting in the car

Hi, I’m wondering if the cliniko team have considered an option to mark someone as arrived via a virtual checkin? With Covid, many of our clients are choosing to wait in their car. Is it possible to add some kind of link to their reminder so they can mark themselves as waiting in their car?
Or, alternatively, instead of marking a client as “arrived” we could mark them as “arrived and waiting in the car” so we can phone or sms them to come in, rather than try looking for them in the waiting room?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this possible feature.


This is a great idea! We currently have patients call the clinic on arrival to check in over the phone. We then pop a note on the appointment that they are waiting in the car so we can call them when they can head in side

@Mel_Baldock you can do this in www.cliniqapps.com. Have a chat with us in the platform we will set it up for you.