Virtual business card attached to cliniko email


It would be super cool in terms of marketing is if to each email send they would be a attachment to the email with the contact details/ online booking link to the practice and maybe a little logo that they could forward to a friend or to social media. some kind of virtual business card. That would be so very good for word of mouth


Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I’ve moved this to the “Feature Requests” category!

This is a great suggestion! You may be able to do something like this with MailChimp, which is an email marketing program we have an integration with. I’m not sure if you can do a virtual business card, but you can do a lot with customising emails! You can read more about that here.




Did that already but it mean we send news letters to them but it s not as straight forward than them just having to click and share to friend or email to friend card which will be super practical and maybe easy to put in place by cliniko team


I d like this for the emails that are sent through cliniko… so the email reminders, invoice emails etc … that would be quite handy and a more “peronalised” email from the company…


Hey EP,

I have done this with a couple of apps - Wisestamp and, if you have a Mac, Typinator. Typinator lets you set up a fully formatted ‘boilerplate’ piece of text with just a simple abbreviation. So when I’m posting an email on behalf of one of my practitioners, I just type their initials followed by the letters ‘sig’ e.g. ‘xxsig’ and their whole signature appears.

I haven’t put this in Cliniko, but it wouldn’t be hard to do.

For example, here’s my associate Steve Fahey’s email signature:
Stephen Fahey
203 High St Northcote 3070
M: 0434 437 681
T: 03 9939 9437
E: [won’t let me put in more than 2 links because I’m a new user!]

(I haven’t put the HTML links in either, but that’s pretty simple to do to.)

Hope this helps.