View next appointment on Wait List


It would be good if you could easily view a patient’s next booked appointment from the wait list screen. Currently you have to exit out of the wait list to check when their next appointment is. This is clunky. It would help if next appointments were easily viewed on the wait list so that I could prioritise patients. For example, if I get a cancellation I view the wait list and see two patients marked as ‘urgent’. I then want to see when their next booked appointment is. To do this I have to exit the wait list and check each patient, then re-enter the wait list. One patient might be booked for 2 weeks away. The other might not be booked for 2 months. Obviously I want to offer the cancellation to the person who will be waiting 2 months. If I could easily view this from the wait list I could more easily prioritise who to call without exiting the wait list screen.