View Income By Service Category (Not just by practitioner or service item)

Hey guys,

We are a multi-disciplinary clinic that has Chiro’s, Physio’s, RMT’s, etc.

When looking at our “Practice-Revenue Report”, there is already:

  1. Summary of revenue by practitioner
  2. Summary of revenue by item type
  3. Revenue for each item type

I need a “Summary by category” option. I want to know how much we made from each of our services: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage, etc.

Each appointment type is already assigned a category under “Settings” and “appointment type”. for example under Physio we have an appointment type for New patient, Regular Treatment", Concussion Appointment, Motor Vehicle Patient, etc. These are all Physiotherapy related incomes. I’d like to know how much Physiotherapy income we’ve made, without having to add them together manually, it is very time consuming.

Can you please make this happen ASAP!? :slight_smile:

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