Video chat with your patients using the new telehealth feature

@sussexphysiopilates We’re working to get small group appointments (less than 4 people) into Cliniko. We can’t really do more than that without changing to a server based service, which is going to be both less secure, and require some different tech.

@Leanne We don’t yet have a link for accepting payment after the service. We’re working on that though!

@maxmanlayosteopathy We’ve integrated with Stripe for payments! You’ll want to use that one. We don’t have anything where we bill directly.

@filipingle The link will be valid for up to 3 hours after the appointment. If you reschedule the appointment a new link is created with a new window.

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Thanks heaps that is just was I was trying to find.

What are the security and privacy details? E.g. what form of encryption? Where is data stored? Does the host (i.e. Cliniko) have access to data from the video stream?

@julian The connection is peer-to-peer with end to end encryption. So no data is stored, and we do not have access to the video stream.

Did you want to know something else about the encryption?

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Hi, what is the charge going to be when the trial is over?


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No, that’s great thanks Jim. I just tried it with a colleague this morning. Video and audio quality were very high/reliable.
Ability to make notes during the meeting in a private chat/notes feature would be good. Also the ability to pin the video window outside the tab/browser window would be great - allows you to look at other apps/windows while discussing.

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A good feature may be to upload files for clients during consult eg pdf educational ones etc

Appreciate it is in beta -and a great tool

Well done

Brad Beer
POGO Physio

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@Brad_Beer, we have released ad-hock Email, SMS, Forms via our Comms Manager. You can create your emails, videos, links, pdfs, or any other educational material / forms / questionnaire in our system and send them live while you are doing Telehealth without leaving Cliniko screen.
All answers to questionnaire will be in Cliniko live too. So if someone answers your questions you can see them in your Cliniko while you are in Telehealth room with them.

Tx Hootan

Sorry I’m a little confused?

Hi @Brad_Beer,

This is already included in your Cliniq Apps account. Please have a chat with us in the paltform we will help you set it up. When an appointment is due, a pop-up inside your Cliniko will be available for the Practitioner that has the appointment. It has all the capabilities they need at their finger tips. Here is a screenshot of a sample pop-up.