Video chat with your patients using the new telehealth feature

@raddpeters Just chatting further with the developers, and we likely won’t offer a recording tool within Cliniko itself, so you’d want to use another screen recording tool on your own device. Mac, for example, has some built in screen recording via QuickTime. There are lots of other tools out there though if you need to record!


The screen sharing is great, however would love to have the option for the client to control the mouse - which will allow for them to draw on an interactive whiteboard or pay an online game etc. When this is up and running, I would love to move over to this platform.


We tested this new feature today. Worked well and we linked it with Online payment. What happens if you have back-to-back Tele-Health? As a Practitioner do you exit the online video and click on the link for the next one. Just making sure that one called does not run into the other. has a waiting room feature - but maybe that is not required here.

You’ve got it @Robsy45 - Each appointment will have a unique room with a unique link. When you finish the first appointment, close out that room then open the new one for the following appointment.


Thank you - we are excited to try this new feature of Cliniko!

Hi team, we love the feature and the ability to share screens, wondering if we will be able to mirror screens from iPads for example? Thanks

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@ttmsp For the moment that won’t be possible. Sharing a screen on a mobile device will be a little tricky, so I’m not sure right now if it’s something we would add or not. Sorry!

Great addition guys. How long does the Telehealth Appointment Link last? In other words, when does the link expire / become inactive? If it has an expiry, will it be extended for appointments that are changed to a future date/time?

Brilliant - thanks for this video feature.
How can I integrate the online payment feature? Is this the same as the ‘Stripe’ feature or can we access one that is embedded in the cost of cliniko?

Is there a link to accept payment AFTER the appointment?
Medicare require billing to occur AFTER the service has been supplied, NOT before.

I know Telehealth in Cliniko will evolve, but can I suggest:

1 - URGENT - Group appointments have the ability to be included in Telehealth - It only needs one of the group (say a 1:2 appt) to receive the link and have Join button next to their name.

2 - Group class feature for live classes.

3 - The ability to move your camera view around the screen.

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Fantastic work guys. Has anyone developed some cliniko specific fault finding materials or resources for clients who may be having difficulty?

Eg. - what browsers are supported

  • microphone and video camera tips for patients
  • any other FAQ for patients?

We’ve put together a new article for this specifically! Feel free to share this:

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@sussexphysiopilates We’re working to get small group appointments (less than 4 people) into Cliniko. We can’t really do more than that without changing to a server based service, which is going to be both less secure, and require some different tech.

@Leanne We don’t yet have a link for accepting payment after the service. We’re working on that though!

@maxmanlayosteopathy We’ve integrated with Stripe for payments! You’ll want to use that one. We don’t have anything where we bill directly.

@filipingle The link will be valid for up to 3 hours after the appointment. If you reschedule the appointment a new link is created with a new window.

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Thanks heaps that is just was I was trying to find.

What are the security and privacy details? E.g. what form of encryption? Where is data stored? Does the host (i.e. Cliniko) have access to data from the video stream?

@julian The connection is peer-to-peer with end to end encryption. So no data is stored, and we do not have access to the video stream.

Did you want to know something else about the encryption?

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Hi, what is the charge going to be when the trial is over?


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No, that’s great thanks Jim. I just tried it with a colleague this morning. Video and audio quality were very high/reliable.
Ability to make notes during the meeting in a private chat/notes feature would be good. Also the ability to pin the video window outside the tab/browser window would be great - allows you to look at other apps/windows while discussing.

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A good feature may be to upload files for clients during consult eg pdf educational ones etc

Appreciate it is in beta -and a great tool

Well done

Brad Beer
POGO Physio

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