Variable Pricing Structure (different practitioners)



I recently raised this in a help conversation but thought this may be a good place to raise it also.

I am operating a structure where I have different practitioners operating on different prices for the same services depending on their qualifications/level of experience. A feature where variable prices could be assigned to each appointment type dependant on the practitioner who is booked for that service would be very helpful.

At present the best solution I was given was to set the price as $0 for all service types and have the correct amount entered each time. While this works, it is certainly not efficient and also relies on having a seperate list of all prices.

I know that variable prices for different therapists is not unique so I am sure many clinics would find this a valuable addition (even necessary addition in order to use cliniko)


Hi Greg,

This is a great topic, our practice is also thinking of introducing a sliding scale for 2018 so certainly having variable prices dependant on practitioner for each appt type would help.

I would also think setting the appt fee $0 and asking my team to put in the right fee everytime should be OK but with new front desk team members may get a little confusing when training.

This would be a great addition



That would work for us for sure. Have tried that option myself and it would be difficult for clients to understand, so just gave up. So yeah, computer says YES!


This would be a great feature, not only for different practitioners but also for different days of the week, We charge differently at weekends and it would be great to have more granular control of the appointment types that appear in cliniko


One temporary workaround would be to set up different appointment types and only enable them on a per practitioner basis in the “Select the practitioners that provide this service” box.
Then you don’t have to put in the price each time and if someone increases their qualification level, you can enable them on the higher band pricing.


Great suggestion! This is a clever way to achieve the different pricing for different practitioners!


This was my initial option to consider as a solution but the problem with this is that you end up with mass numbers of appointment types which can cause increased margin for error when rebooking and also more time sifting through the options.

It also would not work well with online bookings and confuse patients as it would remove the benefit of the book with any practitioner At best it renders this option useless, at worst it confuses patients as they think they are seeing all available times with any practitioner when in fact they are only seeing them with that tier of practitioner


We have different billable sitems for different practioners. So OL bookings are not affected as they all use ‘Follow Up Osteo’ for example. But when we bill we bill at ‘graduate’ or regular 1803 or complex. It’s not too difficult and works well


This is definitely one of the main options as a work around currently but the issue with this (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that you would need to have 1 of those tiers assigned as the automatic billable item (or have none attached at all) and then select the corresponding one each time an invoice is created. This creates an extra unnecessary step and room for error. It also would result in a huge number of different billable items, making woking through them at times tedious.

If I have missed something that makes this uneasier then please do share!


We have to have a separate online booking group for one of our osteopaths, just because he books on a 20mins list compared to everyone else who uses a 30 min list. They are all osteopathy follow-up visits, and it would be great if he could be included with the others. Especially when booking with any practitioner option is used. This would be a neat problem for us to have solved. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


If it’s not an option for that practitioner it won’t be available in the options drop down so won’t cause confusion or risk error.
It works fine in my place when booking initial appointments, one first appointment fee for some, different for another.
Then an associated billable item.
Works well for us.


Im wondering if there was ever any movement on this suggestion as I had it suggested to me from a cliniko help chat that it was something that was up for discussion with other changes they were making that this could tie in with.

Currently running it set up with fees for 1 practitioner liked to the appoitnemtn. Then other tiers set up as billable items so when not that practitioner have to select the right one.

I don’t want to make different appoitnemtn types themselves as while this would make the right price come up, it would cause confusion with patients in online booking (and remove the ability to select an appointment from any practitioner)