Variable lead times per service for online bookings

In this day in age with so many online options available (telehealth, zoom classes for which we use Cliniko to manage bookings, etc), we need to be able to vary the lead time for certain appointment types.

Example - we used to have the lead time set at 1 hour, because a lot of people book massages online for our massage therapists who are sub-contractors, and hence not always physically at the clinic. The 1 hour lead time gives the therapist time to get back to the clinic for the appointment.

However, now that we’re doing Pilates and yoga classes via Zoom, people have been calling us 10 mins before the class starts saying they can’t book into it online (most people doing a zoom class from home want to be able to decide last-minute that they’re able to do the class). So we removed the lead time altogether, and of course the inevitable issue is now happening - people are booking a massage for 10 minutes time, and we have to call them to let them know their practitioner isn’t here at the moment (that’s if we actually notice the booking go in at all).

Is there an easy solution??? It’s counterproductive to have the one lead time apply across the board for all appointment types and practitioners.


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@Ian_Lawson Will check how hard to change.

Thanks @joel, looking forward to hearing the results. :slight_smile:

Well… it looks simple, and I’ll try to get it done quick. Will update you.

A phrase that has bitten us both in the past before :grimacing:

I’m gonna hold you to that :wink:

How’d you go @joel? :crossed_fingers:

I have someone to do it, waiting for them to finish their current thing.

Awesome. Any rough timeline? I know that’s been a dangerous thing to estimate in the past… :grimacing:

Hey @joel, just bumping this one back up. Any guesses on timeframe with this one? We nearly ran into the same issue again today so I’m keen to know if we have a solution coming up soon, or if I need to implement my own workaround for our situation. Cheers, hope to hear from you soon.

It should go live tomorrow

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No way?! :slight_smile:

@Ian_Lawson it’s live. You find it by editing an appointment type.