Using Barcode Scanners - Tip of the Week


Have a barcode scanner but not sure how it works with Cliniko :thinking:? I’ve got you covered!!

In this Tip of the Week, I’m walking you through the set-up process and how barcode scanning functions in Invoices.

Product used in demo: BEVA USB Laser Barcode Scanner (no affiliation with Cliniko).

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Full Video Transcript:

If your business sells Products you’ve probably asked yourself, can I use a barcode scanner with Cliniko?

Well, that answer is YES! I’m here to show you how to set-up barcode scanning within Cliniko and how it works in this episode of Tip of the Week!

To get started, you’ll need a barcode scanner. Now there are several if not hundreds of barcode scanners that you can use. Depending on your needs, you can find barcode scanners at various price ranges with a variety of functionality. Today I’m using a wired barcode scanner from BEVA. This was $16 on Amazon but again there are some great options out there — just make sure it scans the type of universal product code (or UPC) your products use and is supported by your device.

I chose this barcode scanner due to it’s price, requires no installation on my Mac, and has a number of customization options that can be added simply by scanning!

Now the first step within Cliniko is to go ahead and add the serial numbers of your products. The serial number is what the barcode scanner picks up when a product is scanned.

If your Products are already in Cliniko, the easiest way to do this is to Edit the Product, head to the Serial Number field, then scan!

You’ll notice after scanning the serial number is automatically entered. My scanner behind the scenes also inputs/uses the return key automatically. Which means I don’t have to click save once the serial number is entered.

Of course, if your Products have not been entered into Cliniko, you can also import a CSV file of all your Products.

Using the barcode scanner it’s easy to create this. I simply scan the UPC and the serial number is entered. I can then add the additional information like name, stock, cost, and price — then move on to the next product. Whether you’re editing or importing your products, once the serial number has been added, you’re ready for Invoices!

When creating a new Invoice, you’ll want to add a new product under “Invoice Items”. Then within the Search field, instead of typing the Item Code, Name, or Serial Number, we’ll just scan the product needed! As long as the Serial Number matches a product in your account, you’re all set! Continue adding additional products as needed, then proceed to payment.

Of course, there are a few more places in Cliniko where the scanner can be utilized.

Need to see the current stock level or information of a Product? You can search for the Product on the Products Page by scanning the barcode.

The uses are endless.

Overall, a barcode scanner is a great resource to utilize if you want to speed up the search process or maybe you have very similar products but want to make sure the correct product is recorded during the sale. Either way, I hope this video helped. If you have any more tips you’d like to see, let me know! And of course, I will be back…. Next Tip!!! Bye!

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Hi there,

Great feature but I cannot seem to get the scanner function within invoicing to work. When I create the invoice, add a product, click on the item field the number is entered in the field but the product is not recognised. The other scanner functions within Cliniko work fine


Hey, Tim! Bart from Cliniko. On the products screen, is the barcode number in the “item code” field? If you want some individual support reach out to us by clicking “Help” and “Chat with us” so we can work with you further? Thanks! Bart


Hi Bart,

Yes. I am clicking on the item code field then scanning the product. The number appears in the field but nothing happens after that. I am talking about scanning the product for purchase during the invoice payment phase. I already added the scan codes for the products I sell so not sure why the code isn’t being recognised when scanned at checkout