Using a seperate email address to receive notifications for online bookings


It would be great if we could set a default email address to receive all online booking notifications (such as reception). That way, reception staff know when people are booking in online and we don’t have to spam our clinicians with emails.

Health engine have this feature at the moment, and i found it handy especially when patients cancelled on the day etc


If (i’m assuming) you using outlook for emails it might be possible to redirect all emails coming from Cliniko to the front desk.

Hi dan,

I’m specifically talking about online booking notifications, if they can be sent to reception email.

Previously, we used health engine with Zedmed and when a patient booked an appointment online, Health Engine would send us an email letting us know this has happened

This is really important. At our clinic it’s the admin at the clinic that needs to know about the appointment more than the practitioner (so that everything can be prepared for the practitioner in advance).
I hope you could fix this simple issue so that the practitioner and the clinic are notified of bookings.

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Hi @DrN! Thanks for the message!

The practitioner notifications will always be sent to the practitioner email address, but a workaround that many use successfully is to have the practitioner set up an email auto forwarding rule, so that emails from are automatically forwarded to a central administrative email address.

If each of your practitioners set up a rule like this, then the central email address will receive all notification emails immediately after the practitioner’s email address does!

Hope this helps! If you need anything further, don’t be afraid to contact us at Cliniko support! We are easiest reached from within Cliniko by clicking Help on the blue sidebar, and clicking Chat with us!


This becomes difficult to manage once practitioners leave etc
It would be a great added feature