Uploading files through the API



I’m working on integrating Cliniko with Zoho Suite, and I can get all patient records from an online form into Cliniko, can check if they already exist, and update, create appointments etc.

But I can’t seem to get the create attachment method to work, the error is invalid URL, but I have tried all different types. Is there more information somewhere on how the URL should be encoded or put together, or where/how the files should be stored etc.

Any information with a working example would be helpful.


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Hey there,

We have a guide for how to upload patient attachments in our API docs https://github.com/redguava/cliniko-api/blob/master/guides/uploading_patient_attachments.md

You can also find some previous discussions in our google group about the API. https://groups.google.com/a/redguava.com.au/forum/#!searchin/cliniko-api/attachment|sort:date

I recommend you join that google group and ask future API questions there. There are developers in that group that use the API that can help you out, too.




Thank you this is a great help!