Updated Terms of Use & Privacy Policy


When you log in to Cliniko next, you will be prompted with a banner to accept the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you’re unable to accept before Friday (May 25th, 2018), you’ll be prevented from navigating Cliniko until you agree. We promise it’s not agreeing to sell your kidneys!

In fact, we’ve updated our Privacy Policy to be more in line with Cliniko in 2018 (cause Cliniko 2017 was SOOOOOOO last year :joy:), as well as to cover some of our GDPR requirements.

What exactly has changed in the Privacy Policy:

  • A stronger focus on your patients’ rights regarding data about them. The world is changing fast, particularly in the tech world. Software applications are now capable of storing and analysing information at a capacity like never before. It’s become much more important that software companies intentionally respect the privacy of data subjects. We’re trying to keep this at the forefront of our privacy activities and you’ll find this reflected in the new policy.

  • A stronger focus on your rights to your data. Our philosophy is that your data is your data is your data. Redundant, right?! While we had this philosophy outlined in our previous Privacy Policy, we’ve made it stronger ensuring that you know that what you put into Cliniko is owned by you.

  • Friendlier language. That last policy didn’t really feel like us before, like an old piece of clothing we bought in a previous life. We’ve updated the policy so that it can be read by anyone (and not just someone with 8 years of legal studies under their belt), and made it sound like it was written by someone who knows Cliniko.

Changes to the Terms of Use:

  • Amended some incorrect information that has lingered in there too long!

We hope with these changes, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are easier to navigate!