UPDATED: New formatting options for treatment notes, patient forms, and emails!

When creating and editing various types of documents (such as treatment notes, patient form templates, and appointment emails and reminders), you’ll now have some new and improved formatting options! :tada:

You’ll see that you can add items such as headers, numbered and unordered lists, bold and italics, and more. This will be most noticeable when it comes to creating or editing treatment note templates, patient form templates, and communication templates such as email reminders.

Watch the video below to see the new formatting options in action—and if you’re more of a reader than a watcher, feel free to skip the video and check out the rest of the information!

How does the new formatting work?

The new options in patient forms and treatment note templates will be similar to what you may have already experienced in letter templates. Here’s an example of what you’ll see if you edit a treatment note template—the answer has more options, instead of just “plain” text:

Then, when it comes to actually writing the note, you’ll see that you can add bold text, headings, and lists, just to name a few things:

Things will work similarly with patient forms and other communication templates such as email confirmations, reminders, and invoice emails.

As another example, here is what you’ll see when editing or creating a patient form template:

You will be able to format the form sections with headers, lists, and more. When the patient views the form, they will then see something like this:

This should make things easier for both you and your patients when it comes to filling out and viewing documents that are a bit tidier with formatted text!

New spacing and keyboard shortcuts

When modifying your templates and adding content, the new text editor also knows the difference between a paragraph and a line break. Pressing “enter” goes to the next line while pressing “enter” twice will create a new paragraph.

Depending on your device, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate and style your content. For example, adding a heading, bulleted list, and emphasizing text.

Available keyboard shortcuts:

Style option Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Bold/Italic/Underline Ctrl + b/i/u Command + b/i/u
Ordered List Ctrl + shift + 7 Command + shift + 7
Bulleted List Ctrl + shift + 8 Command + shift + 8
Heading 1/2 Ctrl + alt + 1/2 Command + option + 1/2
Indent/Unindent Ctrl+[ or ] Command + [ or ]
Paragraph (useful to convert a list or heading back to normal text) Ctrl + alt + 0 Command + option + zero (0)
Undo Ctrl + z Command + z

Why do placeholders look different?

There’s one more thing to note with this change, too! The placeholders that you see in existing templates will look different! They’ll be easier to spot, for one. They used to be in brackets, like this: {{Patient.FirstName}}, but now they will appear "highlighted”:

Nothing has changed with the functionality of the placeholders—they still work the same way—but they’re easier to see, which means they’re easier to edit and replace with something else!

All you’ll need to do is find the placeholder you want to edit, click on it, and then select a new placeholder from any of the available options in the “editor” field. When you select a new placeholder, it will replace what is currently there automatically.

This is handy because it used to be a pain to try to replace placeholders—you had to search for what you wanted to change, highlight it, delete it, and then add the new one. This reduces the steps considerably!

So, why did you make this new formatting change for text only? What about pictures and signatures?

What you’re seeing today is step one of many to come. While there are some “big” changes here (such as the ability to format the text within your treatment notes and patient forms), you won’t see massive changes throughout Cliniko just yet. This updated text editor will allow us to add more features and formatting capabilities in the future, such as images and signatures. Stay tuned for more about that later!

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is happy to help! :hugs:


  • Pressing “enter” now always goes to the next line. You can press “enter” twice to get to a new paragraph.
  • Lists (bullets and numbered) are now more compressed. We’ve removed the margin above and below them, and reduced the indent.
  • Indentations are also reduced in size.
  • Markdown shortcuts have been removed. This was the automatic formatting of text as you type. There are still formatting keyboard shortcuts, and in most places, formatting toolbars. A less invasive formatting toolbar will return to treatment notes shortly.
  • Paragraphs are more compact. The line height of text had increased slightly, we’ve gone back to the previous styling.
  • Other minor formatting or usability issues have been fixed.

Just be aware that some, but not all, of my appointment confirmation emails & letter settings (as in their format) have changed since this upgrade, so you may need to re-edit/format your documents as there are extra lines & extra spaces here and there.

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er bit of typo :grinning:
See: Ordered List

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Hi Folks, formatting bar needs to be sticky in the reports or in long text note boxes.

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