Update to the practitioner settings page

The Users & practitioners section of Cliniko has undergone a bit of a change!

Practitioners now have a separate section meant just for editing information such as availability, default appointment type, and notification preferences (just to name a few). This means that the overall user settings page isn’t super-duper long and hard to read, especially for practitioners! :tada:

If someone is a practitioner, you’ll see a button to edit the practitioner settings:

The next page will look almost exactly like the old settings—it’s just that now, things are “split”—email, password, and other “general” settings are on the first page, and practitioner-specific settings will be on the second page.

Non-practitioner user pages will function the same as they used to.

The way passwords are updated is a bit different, as well—you’ll notice a new “Change password” button:

That will open up a pop-up box where you can enter your new password:

Because it now opens in its own box, this means your browser can’t try to populate it with a password from autofill—making accidental password changes pretty hard to do!

The main reason for this change, though, is to get things ready for some features to come—keep your eyes on this space for more details soon. :wink:

As always, if you have any questions, our support team can help out! :hugs: