Update on Xero/Stripe integration....and why Stripe?


The last reference to these topics I could find was a response to @joshdcam from @joel in July 19:

1. When can we expect Cliniko to have better recording of Credit Payments where they can sync to Xero as credit notes.

We have a large task designed to improve our Xero integration in many ways (including this), however we have not begun work on it, and it’s not prioritised at the top now either. I would be surprised to see it happen this year.

2. Also how long until the new stripe integration comes out exactly?

Assuming you’re referring to payments for online bookings, I’ve got a meeting with another payment provider next week to see if they have a better offering for us than Stripe. If they do not, then we continue on with Stripe, and my best guess is 8 - 12 weeks. This comes with a very heavy disclaimer though that I can be off by a fair bit, and often am. If we change payment provider for it, then I just don’t know the impact yet.

My questions…could we please get an update on:

  1. What functionality for these 2 topics is in the development roadmap

  2. The likely release date for these two initiatives

  3. Why is Stripe the favoured service provider? They charge 1.7% plus 30 cents per transaction. Square is 1.6%. And my current provider (Suncorp) is only 0.68% for credit cards and 8 cents for a direct debit. Can a major bank such as Suncorp be considered as an alternative to Stripe, otherwise the impact to me is potentially in excess of an additional $1K in merchant fees per year. It’s worth opening an account for those savings whichever bank.


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I second this request for an update! Can we please get a timeframe on card integration with online bookings? JaneApp has had the ability to collect credit cards @ online booking for a long time now.

Also @PetaB I think the reason why they won’t go with a bank (e.g. Suncorp) is this would block functionality for a lot of international users. We are in Canada, and a company like Stripe/ Square/ PayPal can be easily integrated into our workflow and financials.