Unearned Revenue to Xero Liability Account


Hi, my accountant wants us to send our ‘unearned revenue’ (deferred income) of Packs paid in advance to a current liability account in Xero. We then slowly transfer that liability to a sales account in xero as clients actually come in and use their packs.

Currently I can only invoice to an income account. Is it possible to add the ability to include liability accounts in the xero account selections (ie. instead of an invoice debiting your bank, and crediting your sales; it would debit your bank, and credit your ‘unearned revenue’ liability account).




I have a similar issue where we’d also love to associate transactions to a balance sheet account (not P&L). Nearly all of our “revenue” is not revenue at all, but a “liability” as we collect the money on behalf of practitioners and transfer the lot back to them minus rent. The rent is our revenue. I think Cliniko has limited users choice to avoid confusion for the average user. Yet I’d have to say, most practitioners that have Xero integration probably aren’t your average user.