Undelivered emails



As far as I am aware when an email is sent via cliniko and it is undelivered (eg incorrectly entered address, changed address, etc) there is no way of knowing this.

Am I right (ie you dont get a bounce back email like would with a normal email).
If I am wrong is there a way to see this as I dont see it.

If I am right, is that a feature that can be changed in the future?


I have noticed the same issue and would like to see Cliniko come up with a solution for this, because all the bounced back/undelivered emails make the practitioner look bad, but as you say, there is no way of checking it.


Potential solution: Allow a user customised reply address, and divert delivery, read, and rejection receipts to the specified reply address.


I have to say im not following what your suggestion is and how you’d implement that within cliniko?


actually, i Think i realise now that you are suggesting that as a solution for cliniko to implement rather than us as users


Hi Greg. Yes, correct. Comment was for the server side to allow users to enter a custom reply to field value and route receipts and responses to that value if not null.