"Unavailable" - useless in external calendar


I’m a sole practitioner therefore rather than managing 2 online diaries, I put any personal appointments in my work diary which will also help my assistant know what times are available for clients.

I’ve come from using software which had it’s own scheduling app for the calendar which was really quick to use. Using Cliniko means opening the web page, which after a while, puts you back at the dashboard and then you have to navigate to the appointment schedule and navigate it on small icons. More often than not, it would be quicker for me to look at my external calendar if checking something quickly - put all it says is “unavailable”. This is really useless - why do I need to know the address of my premises?

Is there anyway that cliniko can stream the notes that are in the unavailable field to the external calendar instead of the address?

The last request for this was Sept 2018, and no-one bothered to reply which was disappointing.

Thanks very much!