Unavailable Blocks


Hi Team. When marking a day as unavailable, such as Christmas Day, there is no option to Repeat this annually. We have no intention of ever working Christmas Day, or any other fixed public holidays!! Please add “Annually” as an option in the “Repeat” drop down list so we don’t need to manually block out these days for our practitioners every year!


Hey Andrew,

Just a heads up on this one: you can use monthly to do this! Simply choose the repeat option as “Monthly”, then change the “Every ___ Months” to “12”. Then, that will repeat on the same day every 12 months (a.k.a. yearly!). You can then repeat it for up to 50 years :raised_hands:

This is the same advice I give to people who need fortnightly, too (choose Weekly, then every 2 weeks!).

I hope that helps out!


Sure does Clint- I should have thought of that!



Dr Andrew Nealon (PhD) APAM

Principal Physiotherapist

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I also think it would be really useful if repeat appointments didn’t book themselves in unavailable blocks. Our clinic is closed during school holidays and it gets v messy when the system automatically books repeat appointments over unavailable blocks. Or perhaps there needs to be an opening times function so that the clinic can be set as CLOSED for holidays?