Unavailable blocks/repeat appointments


I’m finding when I schedule, say, 20 appointments on a weekly basis that Cliniko schedules them even on weeks when a practitioner is unavailable. Has anyone got a way round this? There doesn’t seem to be a way to set actual CLOSED times for the clinic. We’re lucky in that we are not open in school holidays, and setting unavailable blocks for every day and every practitioner for weeks of holidays is laborious to say the least.


Hey Sophie,

I agree that “closing” the clinic down could be made easier! That said, there are a few things that might help you out.

Firstly, if you have a practitioner that’s going to be off for 2 weeks, you can just create an unavailable block to repeat each day for 14 days - That way you’ve blocked them out all in one go!

Also try clicking on an unavailable block and selecting “Book another”. That will let you create another one for the same duration for another practitioner - saving a lot of clicks when trying to close off all of your practitioner’s availabilities.

Finally, when you have a repeated appointment book for a day that the practitioner isn’t available, you’ll see a warning up at the top of the screen alerting you of that. You can then click on each of the dates in that warning to look at and fix the appointment as needed.


thanks Jim some useful tips there that will save clicks. It is quite standard to have clinic opening times where one can book blocks of closures. Perhaps this could be something to consider in the future. No one is open on Christmas Day for example. Sophie