UK Users Healthcode Get behind this to push it to the top of the list

Hi Uk users of cliniko - I have just spoken with healthcode, I did use writeupp before and they had a good system for invoicing insurance - integrated - saved time. Cliniko has other benefits, hense the switch. But it would be geat to integrate this feature - if enough of you second this then I am sure the team at cliniko will respond. Please please second this and push the feaure up the feature request list.




Agreed, that would be game changer if cliniko is link to health code for uk. That will save a lot of time to set up patients details etc.


I am also based in the UK and have recently signed up to Ckiniko. I agree it would be a big incentive for people to join or stay with Cliniko as healthcode integration would save a lot of admin time.


I agree, yes please for health code!!


Yes Yes Yes!!!

I am behind this 110%. I have been considering moving to Heydoc due to its similarity to cliniko and that it has healthcode. But I love love cliniko and really dont want to leave

Great thanks for reply so far, lets keep this going and see what can be done

Yes, from me too, it would save a lot of time.

Yes, this would save a lot of time

Absolutely agree - so many hours spent recreating what we’ve already created. :+1: :clap: