Trusted, professional business support, the seamless extension to your team

I’m Your P.A. have been working with Cliniko clients for 5 years, taking calls, booking and rescheduling appointments. We are based in the UK many of our staff coming from a nursing or care background.

Call us on 01902 585222 or email or visit our website
Holiday cover, overflow calls, and full reception service available.

In the words of a Cliniko client:

“A local call handling and remote P.A company was too good to be true!
Professional, friendly, and with the single-handed ability to impact my daily work life positively. This in turn provides me with personal life and increased revenue from day one.
Simply pays for itself and then some as a service.
A dedicated group, it is as if we are sitting in an office next to each other.
I feel that you care about me and care about my patients and customers. They feel the same also.
Hands down, I would not consider using another.”

£25 off first month - reference IYPACliniko

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