Treatment notes search


Hi Cliniko.

I’ve been using Cliniko for a couple of years and like it, but I really miss the ability to search through treatment notes.

I’d like to be able to search through all treatment notes for specific items. For example, search to find all patients who have been diagnosed with a specific condition, or patients I’ve prescribed a specific treatment.

This would help enormously with things like case reviews (seeing how my treatment of specific condition has changed over time and associated outcomes, etc), reviewing a number of cases for publishing case studies/case series in journals, and also meeting obligated around things like product recalls (search all patients for whom I have prescribed a certain product).

Is a treatment note search feature something on the near horizon? I’d like to stay with Cliniko long term, but I really need this feature.



Hi Ian!

So, a couple of things here. You can search individual patient notes for specific words or phrases—this would be on a per-patient basis, if you’re in their notes and wanted to find all notes that might contain something. That field to search is at the top of the notes:

But, this would be for only the patient you’re looking at right then—not a global search across all notes. If you wanted to find a specific word or phrase across every note you’ve ever written, regardless of patient, I’d suggest running a data export for all of your treatment notes, which will spit them out in a CSV file. You can open this in Excel or another spreadsheet program, and search through the entire spreadsheet for the diagnosis or condition! You can then only show those results (as Excel will let you hide data that doesn’t meet your filtering criteria) and what’s left should provide you with the details or list you’re after!

Hopefully that will work for you—let us know if you have any other questions!



Hi Ian,

Did you know with Cliniq Apps you can automate communication with your patients based on phrases in your treatment notes and much more?


Hi Emily,

Thanks for your reply. The CSV export is something I have played with but it is very manual and tedious and messy compared to a native search facility. Is this something on the development list for Cliniko?



Hi Ian,

It’s not something in the works right now, I’m afraid. Being able to do a global “live” search through every single note in an account would involve restructuring where we’re placing our resources at the moment—we’re a fairly small team, which means we need to prioritise what we’re working on, and currently the big focus is on treatment note diagrams. I wouldn’t say it’s not ever possible that this would be something we do, but I just don’t know if or when it would happen, I’m sorry.

We work hard to continue to improve Cliniko, and feedback like yours is super helpful in identifying what we work on next! But as all clinics have very different needs, it’s a challenge to prioritise one feature over another. I’m sorry that I can’t help more on this at the moment!



Hi Emily,

Thanks for your honest response - much appreciated.