Treatment Notes Questions

Dear Cliniko Developers Team,

I am writing to you from Oval Medical Centre (

We are using the Cliniko for a couple of months and we are happy with all their tools and features, thank you for new features implemented like Remoting consultations, but I will like to purpose a small change that will help us a lot to comply with UK regulations.

In the UK we need to demonstrate to CQC (Organization that regulates Medical activities) the number of patients diagnosed with disease X as well we need to demonstrate patients that we prescribe Drug Y.

The way we create our medical consultation template is helping doctors a lot (see it attached) but when we export DATA there is a risk of wrong spelling and for this reason we will not get correct information/numbers.

My proposal is:

Is Cliniko create a system of a drop-down list on Treatment Notes Questions (Currently we have single line/paragraph/multiple-choice and tick box) and allow us to import a list, will help all clinics in UK to comply with regulations.

Eg: In our current template there is a field called diagnosis, where doctor type name of a disease. But if you create a drop-down list with search function we will be able to import a list like ICD10 – Index Code of Diseases (this list is applied in the whole world), then doctors just need to search and select one of the diseases.

Exactly the same is applicable to prescribing.

If we are able to import a list of meds like BNF (British National Formulary) then doctors just need to search and select one or more meds from this list.

I will really appreciate if you can consider my email as this will prevent serious problems to our clinics in the future.

I will be very happy if my email contributes as an improvement and for this reason please do not hesistate to contact me if you need further information to go ahead,

Best regards