Treatment Notes into Letters

Hi All,
I find one of the most difficult things for me and my staff is keeping up with our letters back to referrers. I have a friend who uses Nookal and he showed me how easy it is to take areas of your treatment notes directly into a letter to referrers with the click of a button.
He was surprised that Cliniko didn’t have a feature like this because he said Cliniko are generally way ahead of Nookal in most areas.
This would be a game changer for us in efficiency and would take away a lot of stress.
Thank You.
Matt Hayter


I’ve brought this up before too. Genie also does it where you can have blocks of information you can import into letters.
we also need to ability to cc letters to other members of the treatment team via email too please

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This would be so helpful if we could have signatures/images added to the letter template…

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Great suggestion Matty

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Any thoughts on this @joel

My consultant will cur and paste his notes into a letter template and I will refine from there. The whole letters section needs an overhaul. I never send a letter directly out from Cliniko as they look messy and cannot be sent encrypted. I use the templates and transfer to word before sending securely in outlook. It is a real time sucker!

Hi, what process do you use to send a letter securely in Outlook please and with which Microsoft plan (I currently just have a home plan which may not have all features)? I am interested because Cliniko does not have an integration with a secure messaging service ( I posted about this recently under integrations) so I am looking for alternatives. I was considering saving feedback letters as a pdf, then choosing options to encrypt, emailing the feedback letter to the GP & phoning the GP clinic to provide the password. Still quite a bit of work though so am interested if your method is quicker and/or safer. Thanks

So, our procedure is as follows…Dr writes treatment notes in clinic then copies and pastes this into a letter template on cliniko, adding anything else he feels it needs. I will then refine the notes in the letter template and save to cliniko. I then cut and paste the letter into word, save it then send as a PDF ion outlook using egress encryption which is an add on to my outlook.

My Microsoft plan is 365 Family and I pay 7.99 a month but that has everything I need. I also have to pay for egress subscription which is about 100 a year.

Before using egress, I would save the letter as a password protected PDF and use the GPs postcode as the password and the patients DOB for patient letters. I would advise them in the email body.

It is really tedious! Especially when a clinic has 30 patients in it! But it is the only way I can see to make sure that my letters are sent securely and that they look professional!

I love the general set up of cliniko, but would happily pay more if it helped me more! I have no idea why the developers are so backward in developing this.

It’s really important and we should have it. I’d love if people in this thread could provide me some more info and how’d you like it to work?

Some options:

  • You can attach a treatment note as an attachment to a letter
  • You can choose a treatment note to embed in a letter
  • You can choose sections of a treatment note to embed in a letter.

From top to bottom, they add complexity. I’m not worried about the development complexity, but the workflow you’ll go through, and how we can embed it nicely in your letters.

Also whether you need to add multiple to a letter (multiple notes, sections, etc.).

Any detailed feedback would be appreciated, what you want from the above, or something different altogether. Explaining in detail the scenario you have, and problem to solve is most helpful.


Hi, sorry for slow response. I agree, all those steps sounds like quite a palaver. Your tip on using the GP’s postcode and patient’s DOB in the body of the email is very helpful thanks. I hadn’t heard of Egress software. Do they recommend converting communication to password protected PDF in addition to their security features, or is that an added security step you have taken?

Hi Joel - most important is just getting the letter templates working properly - looking at Coreplus as an example. At the moment, everyone hates them in Cliniko - they’re unusable. Simply being able to letterhead and auto-import of client details, dates seen, referring GP, pronouns, etc.

Imports are an add on for later. Please focus on bringing the letter templates up to modern-world standard.

Once you have Egress, you won’t need to password protect. The patient has to register with them and then create a password which they can use for each letter they receive. :blush:

Hi Joel,

Thank you very much for replying, I appreciate it, and I apologise for my slow response.
Ideally, being able to choose multiple sections from a treatment note to embed in a letter would be the way. Although I realise this is more work from your end.

At the moment I tend to cut and paste the whole note template into my letter and then cut out bits I don’t need and adjust others, but this takes too much time.

I wouldn’t be adding multiple treatment notes, but only multiple sections of one treatment note.

In the example my friend showed me in Nookal there is a tick box and that section of the note goes straight across to your letter, which is visible in a box on the right-hand side. This seemed very clean and easy for the practitioner.

Thank you once again for taking notice of this.