Treatment notes - additional features requested

I support NDIS participants and the treatment notes section isn’t meeting my needs. I would like to see the following features in treatment notes:

  • Being able to organise files into folders (eg reports/ medical info, stakeholder liaison, funding applications, client forms)
  • Being able to collapse down past notes so you down have to scroll through all the content of past notes to find the information you are looking for
  • Being able to attach specific files to a treatment note (eg if I write a note that I have submitted a funding application then being able to attach a copy of that funding application to the treatment note)

For now I have to organise my files by creating “Cases”. And have to refer to particular files in my notes but then find that file amongst a long list of files or in the case I have created.

Please advise if there are plans to add features such as these to treatment notes and if so, a timeframe in which these additional features are expected to be rolled out.